This video is apart of my No Nicotine November series of videos were I’m using this challenge to finally quit my addiction to nicotine. As I reflect on my addiction, I question how I ended up here. See, If you asked a year ago if I could ever see myself becoming addicted to vaping and nicotine I would have laughed. I would have laughed because if there was ever a person that was the least likely to pick up smoking or vaping it would have been me. I have been strongly against smoking and vaping all my life for incredibly strong reasons, but some how I did. So today’s video I want to share why disposable vapes bypassed all those roadblocks I had in place and was the key to be becoming badly addicted to nicotine. That disposable possess this insidious quality to them that make them particularly dangerous in terms of likelihood of addiction. And this quality solved my biggest roadblock around nicotine: a roadblock centered around identity.

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