I recently bought a disposable fruit flavoured e-shisha from ebay then promptly bought another so I could puff one to death and then dissect it. For the uninitiated, e-shisha is the new trendy name for the classic e-cig / electronic cigarette. By making them available without nicotine in the vaporising liquid and giving them fruity themes they are kinda making them more acceptable than the traditional nicotine version.
These devices contain a battery (usually rechargeable), control circuit, airflow detector and heating element to create a cloud of vapor like a smoke machine in a night club. Traditionally the nicotine based ones have a mixture of propylene glycol, water, aroma and nicotine to give a rather “throaty” smoke effect complete with nicotine for the hardened smoker. But for those who prefer not to have a strong lung sensation they also supply the liquids with vegetable glycerine (glycerol) as the glycol. The nicotine is also optional, with many choosing to “vape” liquid with just aroma in it.
The aroma is probably the most dodgy chemical in the vapor. It’s certainly a much safer way to get a nicotine hit than a traditional particulate-smoke cigarette.
I don’t smoke, but I do think these are pretty cool gadgets and tend to make my own liquid for them with just glycerine and water.
This video is a teardown of a depleted disposable unit. For those wondering about the vaporising heater, it’s just a spiral of resistance wire wrapped around a bunch of fibreglass strands.